JaMeeka Holloway-Burrell, (she, herself) is a baby sibling, a Cancer, proud member of the Beyhive, Lord of the Rings super-fan, Trap music connoisseur, momma to a very curious 6-year-old, and a former kickass stage manager. Now I direct as a freelancer, but mostly with Black Ops, a cool theatre company I founded in my hometown, Durham, NC. 

Idiosyncratic, provocative new work with nuanced insight into the subterranean of the human heart and mind delight me most.  However, I am no stranger to the "canon", in fact, Ibsen wrote my favorite play; nevertheless, I find myself most at home and passionate about stories that center the lives and experiences of melanin-skinned folks, women, and the non-cis.

Stay connected with me here.  There is so much I am still learning and my work is ever-evolving.  There are so many stories I want to tell, spaces I desire to create, artists I want to collaborate with, and a host of artistic styles I am interested in exploring and experimenting with. As an artist, curator, and producer of theatrical experiences, my promise is to always amplify Black and femme identified voices, challenge white supremacy, misogyny, heterosexism, and under / misrepresentation in the theater by affirming radical love and Equity at the beginning and end of my journey as an artist. 

The cast of Fuddy Meers by David Lindsey-Abaire at Duke Theatre Studies. March 2019

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